4 Ways Pediatric Dentistry Has Changed For The Better

It is never a pleasant experience when a child needs to have a dental procedure done. They are not as good as adults when it comes to managing their discomfort, and the tools used can feel very large in a child's small mouth. You may not be aware of some of the advancements that have been made in dentistry that will make your child's dental procedure much easier for them.

Crowns That Can Be Easily Installed

Crowns no longer require the extensive preparation that is required with materials like porcelain or zirconium. It used to be common to create a mold of where the crown for the tooth that needs it, and then it would take weeks for the completed crown to be ready. Now a crown can be installed within a single visit thanks to recent developments in technology.

Injections Are Pain-Free

The large needle used to numb can be quite scary to a child because it is so large, and will make a child nervous about the procedure they are about to go through. New technology is available to dentists that can apply anesthetic with a device that looks like an electronic toothbrush. It will massage the gums throughout the entire injection process, and even helps with how quickly the medicine kicks in.

Lasers Are Used For Detecting Cavities

X-rays are a procedure that kids may be afraid of because of the protective equipment and large machines that are used. There are now small handheld devices that use light and lasers to detect early signs of decay within a tooth. The tool is much more effective at finding decay than regular X-rays, with the tool detecting 93% of early decay compare to 27% found by X-rays. The tool can even be used to detect early signs of decay under an existing cavity filling.

Alternatives To Braces Are Available

Not only are braces expensive, but they will cause discomfort for your child while wearing them. Thankfully, retainer-style bite guards are available that can prevent needing braces later on. They work by being worn while sleeping, and align teeth properly even when their adult teeth are still growing in. It will not only straighten teeth, but prevent issues with TMJ by correcting bite problems.

Pediatric dentistry has changed a lot over the years. Hopefully, this motivates you to take your child to the family dentistry office to get the procedures they need for the health of their teeth.