Wisdom Teeth – Must They Be Removed?

Nearly every living person will have wisdom teeth grow in between the ages of 17 and 21. Are your, or your child's, wisdom teeth growing in? Here you will find the answers to several of the questions that you may have about wisdom teeth.

Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?

No. Each person's experience with wisdom teeth is different. If the wisdom teeth do not grow in straight, they will put pressure on the teeth that surround them. This can cause discomfort and the shifting of the surrounding teeth.

Another issue that requires wisdom teeth removal is when they are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth do not erupt through the gums as they should because they are held up by the soft tissues of the gums or jawbone. Impacted teeth can lead to serious infections caused by bacteria growth and will become very painful. Impacted wisdom teeth absolutely must be removed.

How do you know when/if the wisdom teeth must be removed?

Roughly every year, the dentist takes a set of x-rays during a routine cleaning. These x-rays will show the growth and positioning of the wisdom teeth.

If regular cleanings have not included x-rays, or you have avoided the regular cleanings altogether, you may notice a build-up of pressure in the back of your mouth. If you begin to feel this pressure or even pain, schedule an appointment with your dentist soon. It is much easier for you to have the teeth removed before they have fully grown in place, so act quickly.

What can you expect during and after wisdom tooth removal?

Generally speaking, patients are very heavily sedated during the procedure. Once asleep, the dentist injects medication into the gums that numbs the areas where the teeth will be removed.

You will experience discomfort or even pain during the days immediately after the teeth have been extracted. You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain relieving medication to take for several days after the wisdom teeth have been removed. In many cases, patients begin feeling much better after only a few days after the procedure has been completed.

The thought of having multiple wisdom teeth removed at once can be rather frightening, but it is a common procedure many people must undergo. It is a much better situation than what you will experience if you fail to have those wisdom teeth removed and they become seriously infected or cause your healthy teeth to shift and become misaligned. Visit with a dental clinic, like Stoney Mountain Dental Care, to see if it's time for you wisdom teeth to be removed.